The Kentucky Playwrights Workshop, Inc. has three membership levels: full, associate, and free. Read the descriptions below to find which level is right for you.

If you earned a free year of full membership by attending one of our seminars or workshops, select “Prepaid Member” when selecting your membership level.

With a full KPW Membership of only $40 annually, you’ll get full access to all that our organization has to offer, and all of the features of this website. This includes:

  • The Playwright Platform, where you can submit a play for feedback from industry professionals.
  • The Forum, where you can ask questions and share ideas with fellow members.
  • The Blog, where you can hear about the experiences of playwrights and other theatre professionals across Kentucky.
  • Direct Messaging, which enables you to connect with any other full member on the site.
  • Receive discounts on merchandise—including  the Kentucky Theatre Yearbook, 2016 and the soon-to-be-published anthology of KNPS plays from 2012 and 2013.
  • Receive discounts on seminars, workshops or other KPW programs.
  • Full members may be considered for a play commissioning.
  • Free, Associate, and Full members may submit short works for consideration as part of the Kentucky New Play Series.

An Associate KPW Membership offers a limited version of the same benefits as full Membership, but is for those currently residing outside of Kentucky, or who aren’t playwrights. This membership is also open to students and seniors, and is only $20 annually. You will be able to contribute to some but not all discussions in the Forum, and read some but not all of the Blog posts. You will not be able to send direct messages, but you will be able to receive and respond to messages sent to you.

With a Free KPW Membership, you’ll get limited access to the features of our website and our organization at no cost. You’ll be able to read some Blog posts and view the Forum, but not post to it. You will not be able to send direct messages, but you will be able to receive and respond to messages sent to you. If you enjoy your free membership, we would encourage you to either upgrade your membership or donate to our organization, but we promise there will be no monetary obligation.

Register now to start receiving these great benefits and to join our community of members! You can upgrade your membership at any time.

If you were directed here before selecting your membership level, click here to return to that page and make your selection.