River City News: “Northern Kentucky Playwrights Building Names for Themselves Statewide”


Morgan Patton, one of the Playwrights featured at the KNPS. (Photo: Scott Coleman)

The River City News, described as the only daily newspaper exclusively devoted to covering the Northern Kentucky region, posted an article by Jackie Demaline promoting the Kentucky New Play Series, produced by the Kentucky Playwrights Workshop, Inc., and celebrating the accomplishments of  its president, Bill McCann, and board member Morgan Patton:

“Theatre mavens planning a visit to the Kentucky State Fair later this month should absolutely schedule your visit for Aug. 22, when the Kentucky New Play Series will be on stage.

Among the six short plays is Covington playwright Morgan Patton’s Senior Prom.

The man behind the series, The Kentucky Theatre Yearbook 2016, and many other projects advocating Kentucky theater is William McCann, Jr., playwright, advocate, founder of Kentucky Playwrights Workshop, founder/producer of the Kentucky New Play Series, and editor of the two-years-in-the-making yearbook.”

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