River City News: “Northern Kentucky is a Hotbed of Playwriting? Yep!”

The River City News posted a great article this week by Jackie Demaline titled “Northern Kentucky is a Hotbed of Playwriting? Yep!” It features several KPW Members, and highlights the great things local playwrights are doing in the state of Kentucky.

The article particularly draws attention to the ongoing ten-minute play series “Pint Sized Plays,” which showcases new works by Teri Foltz and Angela Forbes, performed in local bars and restaurants in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area.

It also discusses some topics interesting to any playwright or Theatre-enthusiast, such as the growing popularity of ten-minute plays and the difficulty of mounting a full-length production of a new work.

To read the article, click here. There are some organizations and resources mentioned that Northern Kentucky members may was to utilize.

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